What is Synced?

Using the Synced app and website you can leave virtual marks for people to find in the real world.

What kind of marks can I leave?
  • Public marks are marks visible to anyone close to the mark's location

  • Private marks are marks only visible to specific people when they come close to the mark's location.

  • Spaces are areas of the world you can pre-define for people to put marks into.

Location/scanning isn't working on my device!

Try the following:

  • Make sure Synced has permission's to use your device's location. If you have denied permissions, please re-enable them.

  • For Safari users, enable location services by setting Preferences > Privacy > Prompt for each website one time only

  • We recommend using the Synced app on your smartphone to have the best ability to scan for marks.

  • The next best option is the synced website on a smartphone. You will need to have Synced open in the foreground of your browser to scan for marks.

  • Lastly it's possible to use the website on a computer, but you'll need to have Synced open in the foreground and scanning might be hit-or-miss.

Add new people to an existing mark

You might think someone you know would find a mark interesting. Write @theirusername in the comments section to subscribe them.

I can't see all my subscriptions!

The subscriptions tab shows your most recently accessed and updated subscriptions. If any old subscriptions have updates, they pop up at the top. To find a specific subscription, you can use the subscription search bar.

Changing your profile or password

You can change your profile and change your password by clicking the "My account" link on the login/logout menu bar.

Feature requests/get in touch!

If you have any feedback/suggestions, or would just like to chat to us, just message @teej. We'd love to hear from you!

I'd like to close my account :-(

Oh no! Are you sure? If you are sure, you can go to "Profile/My account" and click to disable your account.

We're supported by accelerator at the University of Cambridge

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